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Yannis Yannis
Yannis C.
11 months ago

Who will win the very first jackpot?

That's it, the bets for the very first jackpot are closed!

For this first jackpot, we have 3 players who have placed 6 bets (one premium and one bonus for each). It's a start, and we hope to have more and more players as the days go by, which will allow for bigger and bigger jackpots.

For the moment, Fabrice F. obtains the first 2 places with a cumulative gain estimated at $ 5.10, and if these results are confirmed, he will therefore double his initial bet for his very first jackpot.

Check out the real-time leaderboard here:

And if you too want to win the jackpot, take part in the next one now!

To your bets!

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Yannis Yannis
Yannis C.
10 months ago

Well the first winner in the history of is Fabrice F. who wins $ 5.10 thanks to his prediction on the price of Bitcoin!

It's your turn :)

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